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    F.A.Q For Portable Generators

Choosing the right generator for you.

There are a few important factors to determine when choosing a generator:

In what capacity do you plan on using your generator:

Himalayan Power Machine Co. offers a wide array of generators, from small highly portable recreational units, to Portable industrial style generators systems. Himalayan Power Machine Co. carries brand names you can trust to ensure whatever your needs are, we'll provide you with a durable and reliable machine.


How powerful does your generator need to be?
Generators in all types produce Alternating Current (AC) voltage much like the voltage produced by local utility companies. A big difference is that a generator is limited as to how much power it can produce as it relates to wattage. When shopping for a generator first determine which TYPE you're in the market for (Portable or Stationary) then determine the wattage requirements you would need.

Do you want to be able to easily move your generator?
As stated above, generators come in all shapes and sizes. As the name suggests, Portable generators are built with portability in mind. (Be sure to order a wheel kit with yours if not already included with the unit) Portable does not always mean less power however. In fact, Himalayan Power Machine Co. offers a portable generator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - For Portable Generators


Should I add oil to the engine before starting it?
Yes. Running the generator without oil will ruin the engine (just like a car). Make sure you add oil prior to initial use, and be sure to check the oil every time you use your portable generator.

How do I go about checking the oil?
Just about every portable generator made comes with a dip-stick (just like a car). Simply fill to the "full" mark on the dip-stick, or in the rare case there isn't a dip-stick, simply remove the cap to the oil compartment and fill until noticeably full.

When should I shut my generator down?
Other than occasionally giving your generator engine a rest, you should ALWAYS be shut down when checking or changing the oil, and re-fueling the unit.

Is it OK to run my generator in the house?
No. Just as you'd never run your automobile in the house, the same rule applies here. Engines produce carbon monoxide gaseous fumes, and if exposed to for a period of time can cause serious injury, perhaps even death.

Can I connect my portable generator to my house?
Yes, but if you plan using your portable generator in a home standby capacity, you'll need a licensed electrician to do the install for you and needs to be in compliance with all applicable local electrical codes. Also, most of the time an Automatic Transfer Switch/Auto Change over switch is required (Sold Separately) Ask us for details.

Can I run my television and/or computer and other digital display units from my generator?
Portable generators put out clean power, but it's still an engine, meaning there is a level of line noise on the incoming power that utility power would not have. Therefore, it is possible to use your generator power for televisions and the like, but we recommend you use a line conditioner/ surge protector combination for such applications. (Sold separately, ask us for details.)

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